Death of the Lipstick Guide

Lipstick Guide


Once upon a time, the year was 2010 and Lime Crime went on a London Tour. We met up with fans at the SpaceNK stores, shared a ton of hugs and gave out lots of lipstick recommendations. During the tour, we noticed a few patterns: girls with medium-yellow skin tones tend to look enchanting in Airborne Unicorn, Cosmopop ‘popped’ on darker skin, etc. We took these findings and compiled them into a chart, known as the Lipstick Guide. Its purpose was to help online customers identify the right lip shades and make shopping easier.

A lot of time has passed since then. We’ve met more of you — many more. We helped you chose shades at PHAMExpo, talked makeup at IMATS, interacted at The Makeup Show, ran into you in the malls and on the streets… And the more we got to know you, the sillier the premise of the color guide seemed. For instance, we found that Great Pink Planet can look ‘great’ against pale skin; medium tones can totally ‘rock’ My Beautiful Rocket; and that olive skin & pastel-green lips are ‘Mint To Be’ after all!

Suddenly, the guide seemed too constricting. Instead of helping chose, it was limiting the very freedom of choice we believe in! And so we’ve decided to get rid of it for good.

What we’ve learned is, we are all different. Each of us has a unique combination of skin, hair and eye color that makes us beautiful, and just because two people have similar undertone doesn’t mean they look best in the same lipstick. It’s all about YOU, your PERSONALITY, and your self-expression! We want you to feel free to select whatever color you like — and as always, if it doesn’t work or you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll gladly take it back. How does that sound?

Your friends at Lime Crime

P.S. The guide is still around if you look online. Check it out if you’re curious. It’s not entirely unfounded; we just ask that you take it with a grain of salt.